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Commission Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are automatically agreeing to the following.

Please note that these are subject to change at any given time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


- I hold the right to refuse any commission at any time.
- I retain all rights to my work, this including but not limited to the right to use commissioned pieces to promote myself and my work. If you do not want me to publicly upload your commissioned piece please let me know beforehand.
- Commissioned pieces may NOT be used for commercial purposes unless otherwise agreed upon. Often this comes at a fee.
- Payment must be delivered by or before I send you a WIP.
- The commissioner may use the commissioned piece for personal use only, such as re-uploading it to their personal galleries with full credit, using it as an avatar, etc.
- The price may be higher or lower than the listed price. It all depends on what you'd like.
- There will be no edits past the sketch stage unless I have made an error. Revisions beyond this point will not be free.


- Payment must be delivered in full. Payment plans are only available for commissions that are $300 or more.
- All payments must be made in USD via Paypal invoices, or in CAD via E-transfer.
- I will not be giving full or partial refunds if I have completed your piece.

- Upon cancellation on my part, a full refund will be granted regardless of my progress. Upon cancellation on the client's part, only a partial refund is possible.
- You must have payment ready for when or before I send a sketch WIP.
- If you do not have payment ready for when I send the WIP, I reserve the right to resell the sketch to another client.
- Please do not send me any payments without my consent.

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